Fresh on the heels of me being the featured writer over on Apex Online, my story, “The Ave”, is now up over on Horror Literature Quarterly. Subscriptions are free, so you have no excuses. (Click here to download.)

By way of a links salad, here are some recent blogs that have made me happy:

Heresies – I doled out blog homework assignments and my friend Rob Rolfingsmeyer has some really great thoughts on this topic (and his Listening to the Silence and his Spiritual Seasons)

Why Did Jesus Go to Parties? – I recently found a former mentor of mine online and I see that we haven’t exactly drifted apart.

Miss Nikki and Li’l Mo – Alethea Kontis got our gift. Yay!

Now to return to my stewing over not being able to make it to World Fantasy this year.

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