Gov. Mitch Daniels has made it clear that he’s ultimately responsible for the BMV fiasco. He has admitted that the conversion to a new computer system, designed to ensure the accuracy of BMV records, went badly. He’s openly stated, “No excuses made.”

Once again, I’m faced with an issue that I didn’t care about until it affected me. Earlier this year, we moved. Both my wife and I, no strangers to the vagaries of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, knew to wait to update our driver’s licenses until they were due to be renewed this year. Luckily my renewal date was in April 2006 B.U. (Before Upgrade); however my wife’s was a few months later, A.U. (After Upgrade).

It took her 4 trips.

There is a proposal by House Democratic leader Pat Bauer to place the BMV under the control of the secretary of state. Now the secretary of state largely oversees the elections as the bulk of their job. One would think that, considering the voting booth screw ups of this past primary season, the secretary of state was already handling the BMV.

Not that I may have any great solutions myself. I doubt I could come up with anything worse than the BMV’s idea to ban clocks at the BMV. Yep, that was an actual plan. As if hiding the clocks would make the waits seem shorter. That might work at casinos, but … wait a second, why not employ casino logic? The BMV could start passing out free drinks for those waiting around (except for those waiting to take their driving tests). Since we seem to be solving all of the rest of our problems with casinos, why not slip a few slot machines into each BMV branch. I bet more folks will be lining up to go renew their plates.

We can make money and actually make the BMV the destination spot of choice of any government office.


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