I must be suffering from it. Or somehow not busy enough.

Intake has offered me my own regular column. You can read this week’s intro column here. So if you notice a dropoff in my blog output, well, let’s face it, you’ll probably rejoice. For the record, at this moment, I am working on two new short stories – having just wrapped up two others. And I am in the process of polishing four more. I’ve declared September and October short story months with November – April given to me writing a new novel.

Plus, I just received a stack of DVDs of many of this Fall’s tv season. And free movie passes.

For those who ask “how can you find the time to write so many blogs?” (and ‘why are they so long?’ – yes, I’ve heard your whispers.) I say the same way I find the time to write my stories. I’m always writing. I have a note book with me at all times. My conversations are punctuated with the phrase “that would make a good blog.” I’m not really listening to you, I’m editing a story in my head and just nodding along to the rhythm of your words.

And believe me, I write way many more blogs than I actually post. I could stop today and would still have enough to keep blogging for a couple of months. Daily. I have a lot to say. Or I think I do anyway. Now that I think about it, I probably only like the sound of my own voice. Uh, keyboard. Whatever.

Mark your calendars now, folks. Cause next year my youngest starts kindergarten and then I can focus even more attention to my writing career. In the meantime, in order to slake my boredom, I’m off to audition for a role in an independent movie.


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