Due to the “outcry” of so many reviews in a row, I thought I’d share some random Broaddus family goings on. First, my wife has a blog up on Bedlam Banshee about one of her experiences as the wife of a writer. I breathed a sigh of relief when I read it … it could have been much, much worse. Also, I received a note from my brother about his reflections on being a dad. I thought I’d share it (with his permission, not that it’d matter because I’m the big brother):

I went to see my daughter at a talent show yesterday at School #98.. By the way it was the most ghetto talent show ever (ha ha). Almost every act was dancing to the same rap song or a Beyoncee song.. It was cute though. There were some talented dancers there though and some would look good in a Ciarra or Missy Elliot, or Beyonce video. Anyway before Melissa’s team came on she came and gave me a hug and she flew off.

When her dance team started dancing, I was totally shocked. I was so proud of her and her team. They totally rocked the house. Everyone was screaming and barking. I was high-fiving anyone I saw and saying , “That’s my baby!!!” I was amazed how great of a dancer Melissa is. Don’t get me wrong, those dances Melissa’s dance team were ghetto as hell too (lol) but they were well coordinated and you could tell they practiced a whole lot to get every move right.

After the dance was over, it felt like an earthquake in the gym because everyone was yelling and stomping their feet (you know how us black folks get….lol). I got teary eyed a bit because I was so proud of Melissa. After the dance, she ran back to me and gave me a hug and I told her how proud I was of her. She gave me a kiss and asked me for some money (some things never change) and gave me another kiss and ran off with her dance team giggling and screaming. Everyone was shaking my hand and telling me that I should be proud of my daughter. I was very proud. Anyway, some little girl that sang a Gospel song won the competition. If I got mad at that, God would hit me with a lightning bolt driving on my way home.

I guess the reason I am writing this is because it only seems like yesterday that she was in Little Anthony’s place [Editor’s note: that’s <-- Anthony MAURICE Broaddus], peeing in my face while I changed her diapers and keeping me up all night with her crying. Now she is a teenager, talking on a cell phone and going to the mall on a regular basis with her girlfriends. We have been through a lot together in her short time on this planet, from a lot of baby momma drama early on, to her worshiping the ground I walk on as a 3-8 year old, to her puberty which drove me nuts, to her getting a little depressed when I got married because she thought I would forget about her, to now as a preteen. She is back to being a daddy's girl now that she realized that she will always be my princess. She is growing up so the days of her holding on to my right leg while I dragged her all over the house are probably over forever. But her running back to me as soon as her dance was over made me almost cry, but I am an ex Marine and we don't cry. 😉 Anyway, I was kinda nervous about being a daddy again, but I now know I will be a great daddy to little Anthony ( I call him Rocky) [Editor’s Note: No one else is going to call him Rocky]. I only had Melissa on the weekends for most of her life and I think that she turned out to be a great little girl. I put as much of my influence into her as I could when I had her and I think it has paid off. Thank God for that. I think that little Anthony will be fine because I will be with him 24/7 and he has a good (saved) mother. I am sure I will have to beat his behind a lot but he will be fine.

Oh and Debbie Kuhn, cajoler extraordinaire and all around great travel companion, sent along this pic of my boys that she took during her last visit with us:

Yes, they know they’re cute. Resistance is futile.

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