The most important legacy of the histrionic debate over immigration reform will not be any piece of legislation, whether enlightened or medieval. It will be the big demonstrations held in cities throughout the country over the past few weeks — mass protests staged by and for a minority whose political ambition is finally catching up with its burgeoning size.

I find myself joining the chorus of preening intellectuals of a message board that I frequent. You’ll never accuse me of entering a debate uninformed. Look at all the protests going on and look at who’s doing all of the protests. Who is doing my house and yard work when all of these protests are going on? Don’t these people know that these storm-damaged roofs won’t repair themselves? Yes, I want fries with that. Such selfishness is not what true Americans are about. So you know what? I am all about sending the immigrants home. Sure, I was actually born in London, England, and currently enjoy dual citizenship status; but my family’s already snuck in and are now legal.

In other words, I gots mine so let’s close the gate.

I apparently firmly echo the sentiments of my local MENSA members:
Making strict laws and imposing them on illegal immigrants will be create more problems that they solve. However all should be required to follow the laws to become a US citizen. To give them a free pass is wrong. Just because someone has been here x number of years working and raising their children, sending them to school, does not make it right. And I hear that all the time. If that’s the logic that you follow. Then it would be right to say that the person who committed a robbery then had a clean record for x years was now free of their crime.. It doesn’t work that way. Illegal persons continue to content about their rights. If you are here illegally you are therefore breaking the law, you have no rights.

Amen, brother. Or sister. Heck, Amen you right-thinking American you. This country was built on the backs of immigrants (both the willing and unwilling kinds–we’ve never discriminated that way). They sneak over here, “looking for a better life” and “to provide for their families” in the land of opportunity. Boo-hoo. What they do is come over here, take all of our good jobs, use up our health care system and take up slots in our schools. Pretty soon, the only option left for us will be home-schooling. Or fleeing to the suburbs to get away from them, which lowers the property values of the places we leave, but, well, that’s the immigrants fault too. Home-schooling and urban flight: that’s what all good Americans, and right-thinking Christians should be doing anyway. God doesn’t like illegal immigrants either. It’s in the Bible somewhere. Near the back of the Old Testament or something. I know this because He gave Americans Manifest Destiny, no one else.

Let’s put all of our cards on the table: they don’t look like us. They don’t act like us. They have weird accents–why can’t they learn the language like real Americans? But that’s not their biggest sin. They are leeches, adding nothing to our culture or economy. And that’s what it boils down to: them eating my share of the American dream pie. They’ve complicated our church services, now we have some just for them. They’ve left us with a bunch of restaurants that I don’t eat at anyway. This is America, baby. We speak one language here: American. When we go to your country, we don’t learn your language. Why? Cause we’re Americans. We only believe in knowing one language and you should too: ours.

Either we should annex their country and just be done with the issue once and for all; or build a fence along the border of the country.

If only we could find some decent laborers.

Lousy Canadians.

For the record, I started writing my blog before I saw that Brian Keene had touched on the same topic. Great minds and all.