I was listening to Colin Cowherd today and he touched on something that truly resonated with me: Johnny Quest. I miss my childhood cartoons, especially Johnny Quest. I’m not even talking about the obvious sexual tension between Race Bannon and Dr. Quest. I mean the kind of cartoon that wasn’t afraid of killing people. Not today’s brand of “safe” cartoons with their wacky explosions or plane crashes that take pains to show people escaping in parachute.

Not Johnny Quest.

We’re talking gun shots. People going off cliffs. Dozens of innocents waxed by giant spider robots. I had a Johnny Quest marathon and couldn’t stop yelling “AAAIIEE!!!” (the signature cry of someone going over a cliff) for a month.

I know, we’re all about protecting our children. They don’t even make cereal like they used to. What happened to a perfectly good, mouth-rotting cereal like Quisp? For that matter, my sister and I were at a family reunion the other week and we sat in the new and improved safe play ground. No merry go rounds (where we could tie a rope to a bike and really get the thing spinning), no giant swings where you could stand up and leap out, and no monkey bars that made you pay for your lack of coordination by only having concrete underneath you.

Man, those were the days. Don’t come blaming me when the next generation coming up is soft.

Yeah, this was just an excuse to post a link to my latest Intake column, Classic Blunders.

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