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I probably ought to put this a bit in context.  Officially founded in October of 2012 (unofficially, we’d been at it since January), Cities of Refuge Ministries is a non-profit organization that helps homeless adults through a relational model, extending the compassion of Jesus Christ, as we spend time with each other working through emotional and spiritual struggles together.  We provide a long-term residential environment where program opportunities are tailored to the individual’s situation and goals in a case management framework.

In March 2013, Cities of Refuge Ministries purchased two pieces of property.  With our first transitional home at full occupancy and having support volunteers, we launched CoRe Indy, our micro-business side which provides job opportunities for some of our clients.  Cities of Refuge Ministries partnered with Volunteers of America to form a work crew.

Basically, we believe it takes a collaborative community approach to break the cycle of poverty.  We partner with our neighbors and other organizations. As the men move through our program, we wish to provide them with skill sets that they can use to pursue long term employment opportunities.  We want to create opportunities for men to reunify with their families and pursue their dream of homeownership, maintaining the neighborhood’s assets, and reinvigorate communities, one stabilizing family at a time.

We celebrated the debut of our first rehabilitated property with an Open House (catered by RoE Creations, pictured!).  Real Scene TV came out to do a profile on us.  (Keep in mind, the camera adds ten pounds and there must have been at least three cameras on me at all time.  I blame RoE Creations!)