This past weekend was a busy weekend for cons (someone may want to look into it). What’s a horror writer to do? Much of the horror community attended Horrorfind. I had attended it in the past. While it proved quite profitable in terms on contacts, there was also what I refer to as “The Horrorfind Incident.” Here in town there was GenCon. It’s mostly a gaming convention, but I took some time to hook up with a friend of mine, writer Lucien Soulban. In terms of making contacts in the gaming industry, this is one of the best cons to go to. I promised Lucien that next year I would spend some serious time there.

Because naturally I went to a con I hadn’t heard of before: Conglomeration.

Conglomeration wasn’t a bad little con. Kind of a poor man’s Horrorfind (read: I couldn’t afford to go to horrorfind and I didn’t feel like going to gen con, which is in my backyard, and I wanted to do something this weekend). It was more a sci-fi/fantasy based con, with a bit of horror tossed in (because they are all semi-related genre cousins anyway).

A friend and I got into an argument about the importance of conventions. Partly, it was about the type of cons that we need to attend at this point in our careers, if we are thinking long term. At this point in my career, going to conventions is very important (though admittedly, cons short on professional opportunities and long on the partying probably less so).

There are party cons. Pro cons. Fan cons. When it comes down to it, you have to figure out what kind of con you are going to and what you want to do there. Conglomeration is more of a fan con, but I wanted to get some “pro” stuff done. I believe in setting goals. I wanted to meet some more of the faces that I knew only from the Internet. There’s nothing like hanging out with fellow writers. Easily the highlight of the con was dinner with the Brit wit of Steve Savile, the lovely and gracious Alethea Kontis, and the imitable Jason Sizemore (of Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest). However, I also got to hang out with Harry Turtledove, Michael Williams, and Geoffrey Girard.

And yes, it’s been confirmed: I definitely have to start doing panels more often. I was asked several times “why aren’t you up here?” Which, you know, was kind of nice.

Plus at some point I may have to do a blog about how fans scare me.


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