My review for Constantine and The Wire are up on my Hollywood Jesus blog. The site is switching to give each of its reviewers their own blogs. David Bruce, the founder of Hollywood Jesus, believes this will allow us more flexibility as we go about doing what we’re doing. I like the goal of the site (I’m big on supporting a ministry if I like its mission statement). They seek to make spiritual connections with popular culture rather than the far too typical Christian stance of burying our heads in the sand in protest of all things worldly.

The site’s been a bit of a success. It’s internet traffic rank is 35931. It’s unique visit rank is 15,976. It receives well over a million hits a month (it peaked during the time around The Passion of the Christ at over a million hits a day). Now a lot of other Christian sites review movies beyond counting the profanities and booby shots.

Still, some people give me static about writing for them. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that no matter what I write, someone’s going to take issue with it. Not the style or substance of what I’ve written, but the type of writing I do. It’s a little known secret that Christians aren’t to write horror nor support Hollywood. So I’m bracing myself for the crap storm for not only viewing Constantine, but liking it also. Hopefully it won’t be as insane as when I reviewed A Shark’s Tale. Apparently the “homosexual agenda” in that movie was too much for some people to handle.

Yeah, again, nothing’s more discouraging to my faith than other Christians.