I’ve always lamented that there didn’t seem to be much of a writing community here in Indianapolis. I mean sure, I’m a member of the Indiana Horror Writers, the local chapter of the Horror Writers Association, but I feared that we were the only thing going on (okay, it was a bit of a conceited fear, since I usually can’t see anything going on past whatever I am doing). So now that I’m getting out from under the weight of some crushing deadlines, I thought I would take this opportunity to announce a couple things.

As some of you may know, one of the things that our church, The Dwelling Place, wants to be about is an intentional pursuit of the arts. We believe people should use their gifts to the best of their abilities, producing art for art’s sake. We are continually thinking through the best ways to do this, so we are starting a new venture.

Not that we have a name for this (though Creative Space seems to be leading the way), but we will be opening up our church every Friday evening for a sort of “open gym night” for artists. Relax, this isn’t some sort of Christian recruitment thing or a forum to produce “Christian art”. We want to create a space for people who don’t have room to do their art or a community of artists with whom to interact. Writers, photographers, musicians, graphic artists – all are welcome.

The first few weeks will be … organic … as we see what happens and shape/grow the community accordingly. All we know for sure is that we know that we want to be a place to help, support, and develop artists. We also want to provide opportunities for all manner of collaborations and experimentation. For example, we already have musicians who want to put music to some of the work that some of our poets have created.

This will be a time where we can work on any open or unfinished projects. We’ll spit ball ideas, serve as a critique group, and otherwise encourage one another in our various endeavors. This will be a parallel community to other local creative communities such as United States Of Mind and the Writer’s Center, who we have on-going relationships with. And there will be plenty of cross-over between those communities. With us starting at 7:00 pm, those wanting to car pool down to USOM around 10 pm or so can do so.

The article profiling me, Truth or Scare, is now available online. And, yes, that is my youngest son, Malcolm, as Cupid on the cover. As you may recall, my older son, Reese, was less than cooperative during the photo shoot. Also, my friend, and occasional guest blogger, Jon Harp, was interviewed for an article called Get linked to love in cyberspace.

By the way, Hollywood Jesus has gotten a facelift.

Carry on. Nothing else to see here.