With Dark Faith: Invocations finally being out (it feels like the longest birth ever, and now I’m stuck with the image of me between Jason Sizemore’s legs yelling “Push!”), we’ve been all over the place trying to get the word out.  But rather than do blog after blog on everything that goes up, I’m doing a one-stop shopping kind of post:

-Don’t know where to start?  The Apex Books Gateway Guide: Dark Faith Invocations is always happy to help.

-Elizabeth Twist talks about the inspiration for her story, Kill the Buddha.

-Richard Wright talks about his story, The Sandfather

-Because we’re not afraid of free samples, here’s Jennifer Pelland’s Sacrifice

-Speaking of free samples, here’s a reading of K. Tempest Bradford’s story,  The Birth of Pegasus (with an assist by Mary Robinette Kowal)


Fangoria reviews Dark Faith: Invocations (my fanboy heart skips a beat)

-Rue Morgue Issue #126 has a great write up on Dark Faith: Invocations

SpecMusicMuse Review – Dark Faith: Invocations



[GUEST INTERVIEW] Alvaro Zinos-Amaro’s Crackpot Questions for Maurice Broaddus

Interview with Maurice Broaddus & Jerry Gordon

Wag the Fox discusses slush piles with me

Apex goes all investigative reporter on me

SpecMusicMuse wants to discuss faith and music

-Celebrate Knoxville has an October Frights: featured author Maurice Broaddus

Interview with Maurice Broaddus & Jerry Gordon



A Conversation With Author Maurice Broaddus on Speculative Fiction, the Craft of Writing, Race and Science Fiction, and C.L. Bryant

BOSS FIGHT: Maurice Broaddus – Dark Faith Invocations

Showcase: 20 Minutes with Maurice Broaddus (with the greatest introduction of me ever!)

Workshop: Episode 34 (Guest Host: Maurice Broaddus)

In Which Maurice Broaddus And I Talk About Dark Faith (And Politics)

Writing Excuses 7.40: Writing the Other (not specifically on Dark Faith:  Invocations, but this was just awesome!)

Episode 119 – Maurice Broaddus and Jerry L. Gordon (we always have a great time with these guys – Our interview starts at the 18:20 mark if you’re feeling impatient)

SF Diner (Episode 151): Our Interview with Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon, Editors of the Dark Faith Anthologies (I’ve really got to stop drinking during podcasts!)