We find ourselves in the midst of that ritual of remembrance, that blessed time of year, that special communion of pop culture and advertising we know as May sweeps. It’s been a rocky year for us, though things had been building to a head for a while. It was bad enough when I’d have to wait weeks between new episodes of Lost or Desperate Housewives.

It’s healthy for people in relationships to spend some time apart, to reassess and make sure they are right for one another. Think of our time apart as a time when we could explore other interests, you know, to see if our relationship was right. It’s not like those books or time with my friends or family meant anything to me. They were just diversions. It’s you that I love.

It’s not completely my fault, either. I prepared for our time apart as best I could. I stockpiled a lot of hours on my DVR, I bought several seasons of various shows on DVD, but it wasn’t the same.

I had my reasons. I had to support my fellow writers in the Writer’s Guild of America in their struggle to seek appropriate compensation for writers when their work is distributed digitally, either via DVD or Internet downloads. Every time a new technology comes down the pike, the corporate suits find some way to screw us out of our rights, money, or control. Some execs have to play hardball, but rest assured that the God I believe in will one day hold them accountable for American Gladiator being back on the air.

I could bore you with how it takes a writer earning $30K a year in order to get insurance and how half don’t qualify each year. Or how the typical television writer life is spent one year working, two years off. Or with talk of residuals, pensions, or how the old way of doing things don’t work and must change. But, baby, these are just excuses. I know these things don’t matter to you. To what we have.

I’d really like for us to work things out. Stretch new episodes into the summer if you have to. Don’t be afraid to launch new shows during the summer. Start the Fall season a little earlier. It’s the little gestures that will make our relationship work.

Let us never fight again.



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