I’m very proud to have my piece “The Trial of John Freeman” included as part of “Finding Home: Indiana at 200,” the Indiana bicentennial “anthology play” at the Indiana Repertory Theater. Written by 29 Indiana writers, there will be two versions of the play, Blue and Gold, the names given to distinguish the two evenings of programming. The Blue and Gold programmatic streams run in rotating repertory. Each evening has at least 12 public performances. Additionally, there are also student matinees.

Gold public performances:dscn0071
Previews: Oct. 19, 6:30 pm
Oct. 22, 5:00 pm
Opening: Oct. 23, 2:00 pm

Oct. 27: 7:30 pm
Oct. 28: 7:30 pm
Oct. 29: 5:00 pm
Nov. 3: 7:30 pm
Nov. 4: 7:30 pm
Nov. 5: 4:00 pm Writers discussion
Nov. 6: 2:00 pm Writers discussion (I’ll be attending this one)
Nov. 8: 6:30 pm
Nov. 12: 9:00 pm
Nov. 13: 2:00 pm

The two performances marked “Writers discussion,” I’ll be one of the writers present to talk to the audience in a staff-moderated post-show discussion. Audience members can get a glimpse into our process of creating our piece(s) and ask us questions.

Here’s a picture of me with some of the writers:


Here’s what the floor design will look like:


Here’s a model of what the stage will look like:


Why no, I’m not geeked about seeing my words performed.  Not at all.  Hope to see you there!