I thought I would make it nice and convenient for folks looking to purchase any of my work for their e-readers.  I have them broken down by novels, novellas, short stories, and anthologies I’ve appeared in.  Buy me often!


The Knights of Breton Court: King Maker. The streets of Indianapolis, the ancient Arthurian cycle is replaying in the lives of rival street gangs. Told through the eyes of King, as he gathers like-minded friends and warriors around him to venture into the fastness of Dred, the notorious crime lord, this is a stunning mix of myth and harsh reality. (Angry Robot Books).  The Prologue is available as a free read.

The Knights of Breton Court:  King’s Justice.  Spurred on by ever more urgent visions by his mystic advisor, Merle, King attempts to unite the warring gangs. But the knights of Breton Court are assailed on all sides by greed, temptation and some very real monsters. But worse, there is betrayal from within King’s innermost circle (Angry Robot Books).  A sample chapter is available as a free read.

The Knights of Breton Court:  King’s War.  King has been betrayed, but he has no time to lick his wounds – he has to draw his people together to fight the ultimate foe in this conclusion to the stunning Knights of Breton Court trilogy (Angry Robot Books).  A sample chapter is available as a free read.


Orgy of Souls (co-written with Wrath James White). Twenty souls for his brother’s life is a price that seductively beautiful Samson is willing to pay. Twenty souls drenched in blood, powdered with cocaine and more than one kind of ecstasy. A fair trade for the life of a brother. A fair trade for the life of a priest. And everyone he meets seems so willing to give theirs away. Samuel’s faith often wavers. Diagnosed with HIV and in rapid decline, he hides his disillusionment in the rituals of the priesthood. But when Samson brings him the first blood-signed contract for a young woman’s immortal soul, the steamy world of high fashion male models and the quiet decay of a sickly priest begin to writhe against the realities of life, death, and otherworldly power. (Apex Books)  Chapter one is available as a free read.

Bleed With Me – A folie a deux. The shared madness of two. When two lives become so intertwined that the symptoms of one can be passed along to another. So when Lorelei Davina’s veins open up one night in a suicide attempt she didn’t initiate, it began her descent into a world she never suspected existed.  A folie a deux. It can be a symptom of the greatest kind of love. Or the greatest horror.  Because what can be a greater horror than when one person refuses to let go? (Delirium Books).  Available as an e-book from your favorite online retailer.


I have several short stories for sale at the Angry Robot Book Store.  It’s not like I’m putting out a collection anytime soon, so consider this an e-collection of my work (samples of each story available with a simple clicky-clicky of the links):

Black Frontiers – Originally published in Dark Dreams II (April 2006):  A weird west horror tale, as Govie Ikard transports a very special package across the Kansas Territories, a package many people want to see destroyed.

Broken Strand – Originally published in Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest (March 2008):  A science fiction tale of a scientist who believes he can genetically cure man’s “sin nature”.

Family Business – Originally published in Weird Tales #338 (January 2006):  A dark fantasy of a man returning to his homeland in Jamaica only to find corruption and the supernatural.

In the Shadows of Meido – Originally published in IDW Publishing’s comic books (December 2005):  In ancient Japan, a samurai confronts the excesses of the masters he serves.  And vampires.

Just an Old Man on a Bench and Just a Young Man and His Games – Originally published in HorrorFind.com (June 2004) and Doorways (March 2008):  A horror tale of an old man haunted by the ghosts of Tuskegee followed by a sequel of sorts set in the same universe.

Nurse’s Requiem – Originally published in Dark Dreams III (June 2007):  A horror tale of as a nurse works in a nursing home where all of the residents are possessed by demons.

The Ave – Originally published in Horror Literature Quarterly (Nov. 2007):  A horror tale of a man in prison who calls on his ancestors to return home.  Read a review of it here.

Hootchie Cootchie Man – Originally published in Black Static #14 (December 2009):  A horror/crime tale of a car thief on one last job.

Trouble Among the Yearlings – Originally published in Harlan County Horrors (Oct. 2009):  A horror tale of coal miners trapped only to find that they are not alone.


King Maker

King’s Justice

King’s War

Orgy of Souls

Apex Mazazine vol. 3 number 2 – which has my steamfunk story, “Pimp My Airship”.  The revolution will not be televised.

Wretched Moments – which has my horror comedy story, “Snapping Points”, where family dinner takes on a whole new turn.

Dark Futures: Tales of Dystopian SF – which has my SF story “A Stone Cast into Stillness”, in a future where children are at a premium, a couple faces the loss of a child.

Beauty has Her Way – which has my fantasy story “I, Theodora”, a prostitute in ancient Rome is transfigured into a goddess.

Voices from the Past – which has my horror story “Receipt of Fern Seed,” a homeless man wanders the streets in search of his brother and ancient evil.