Yes, I’ve been quiet for a week or so. I’ve been–to borrow Edo van Belkom’s definition of the phrase–“enjoying the honeymoon” after completing my novella, Devil’s Marionette: “The time between the completion of the first draft (when everything is just perfect) and the first day of real roll-up-your-sleeves revision (when you realize how much it’s going to take to make things work).” (From the September 1, 2005 issue of the Hellnotes newsletter. What do you mean you are interested in the comings and goings of the horror field but you don’t subscribe to the Stoker award winning newsletter? Stop reading this blog right now and correct that mistake now.)

I haven’t been completely idle. I declared this past week “Hollywood Jesus Week” and tried to post a review of something everyday on my review blog over there. I originally started doing reviews over there to do television reviews, but that has expanded into movie and comic book reviews. Though I ended up seeing a sneak preview of the movie, The Greatest Game Ever Played (more on that at a later date), there hasn’t been many movies that I’ve wanted to see lately.

That left mostly comic books. Yes, I’m a writer’s fanboy, thus I reviewed Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men; Brian Michael Bendis’ Powers (volume 2) and his House of M; Mark Millar’s Ultimates 2; J. Michael Straczynski’s Strange; and Frank Miller’s All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder.

My personal favorite was my television show review for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Yes, it is the greatest of all iterations of Star Trek. Yes, I did title it “Ruminations on a Black Jesus”. Let the arguing begin.

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