One of the joys of working with the kids at Snack’s Crossing Elementary (as a teaching artist for Second Story) was watching their stories come together.  One of my favorite stories was written by a young lady named Honesty.  I thought I’d share some pics of the story in progress as well as the final product.

Evolution 1Honesty Bruen

The McDonalds Diet

One day, Sha’nique was online searching for a job.  She looked for a job because she was fat and tired of being alone.  Sha’nique thought that if she got a job she’d move around and lose weight.  She looked up McDonald’s and it turned out they called her back and told her she got the job.  Shan’nique had to start first thing tomorrow at 4:00 a.m.  When Sha’nique got to her job, her mouth dropped.

McDonald’s was filled with trash from Sha’nique’s feet to her ankles.  She could not believe what she had seen.  It was just trifling.  The paint was peeling off the walls.  Used napkins were on the floor and the toilets were overflowing.  Sha’nique now knew why they didn’t have business jumping.  One day Sha’nique had a talk with the staff on what they could do to make them get more business.  A couple of the staff members suggested cleaning up, some of the other staff said repaint McDonald’s a different color like red and yellow instead of the green and orange.  When everyone got done talking, they began cleaning up the trash, and had some people come out and repaint the building.

Evolution 2               While everyone else was still working Sha’nique went to the back where all the food was, and got her two Big Macs, large fries, three of the apple pies, and a Quarter Pounder.  When she got done eating, she thought to herself “Why am I eating so much.  I don’t like eating as much as I used to.”  When she got done eating she went back to work.

As soon as she went back to the front, she noticed it was sparkling clean.  The window’s were shining, you could actually see the floor, and the building was a new bright color.  Everyone took the rest of that day off and went home.  As soon as she got home she ate a salad, instead of pizza.

The next day, everyone came to work with their new uniforms on.  Boom!  They heard a car door Evolution 3shutting.  Everybody ran to the same window and noticed a customer.  They got back to work, took the lady’s order then as time was flying by, more, more, and more people came in to sit and chat while they were eating.  Sha’nique suggested that they were having happy hour.  You could buy something then get a McFlurry for free.

At the end of that day, they sat down and talked about how good they did.  Sha’nique told everyone to keep talking while she had ran to the restroom.  When Sha’nique came back they gave her the exciting news that they were making her the manager.

Sha’nique was really happy.  She no longer felt alone.