Via Frederator Studios, which brought us The Fairly OddParents, comes Fanboy and Chum Chum.  Created by Eric Robles, the CGI animated show follows the misadventures of two seemingly hyper-caffeinated geeks.  Fanboy is a … fanboy of all things comic books, fantasy, and sci-fi, who dresses in the underwear-on-top-a-unitard standard regalia of superheroes.  Chum Chum is his faithful sidekick.  They pretty much just live out their comic romps fueled by their imaginations, their kooky worldview, and zeal for life.

The show isn’t an attack on nerds nor does it make fun of them.  It literally places them front and center and lets the power of their enthusiastic nerdiocity both create and resolve various situations.    Only are only eight episodes are on the DVD release:

-Wiz Boy

-The Janitor Strikes Back

-Dollar Day

-Trading Day

-Chimp Chomp Chumps

-Fanboy in the Plastic Bubble

-Fan vs. Wild

-Freeze Tag

In a culture that wants to champion originals while conforming people into similar molds, this show rejoices in those who are different and lets them revel in their uniqueness.  What makes them different, what gives them their unique voice, is how they come at life and the world. It’s what makes many be seen or treated as “weirdos”.  Yet we all come from the same Creator, created in His image, with his creative Spirit, so it’s all right to love art for art’s sake.  It’s alright to be fans.  We can listen to beautiful music and feel God’s presence.  We can become lost in a painting and let it wordlessly speak to us.  We can get transported by a story and learn lessons about ourselves.  Because the art that we are such fans of reminds us not only of our humanity but also of the story we find ourselves in.

There’s no easy way to describe the adventures of Fanboy and Chum Chum, because the show literally makes little sense.  It’s not supposed to.  It’s absurd and our heroes defuse the weird scenarios they find themselves in by their sheer ridiculousness.  And there’s plenty for any would-be geek—adults and kids alike—to enjoy, from their pop culture riffs to their insane humor.