AKA Works that came out in 2011

Be it for awards consideration, Christmas gift ideas, or you just want to see what projects of mine came out this year (I know *I* did!), here’s a list of projects of mine which saw print in 2011  (for those doing the e-book thing, here’s a one stop shop of all of my projects available in a variety of e-formats):


King’s Justice (Angry Robot Books)

King’s War (Angry Robot Books)


Bleed With Me (Delirium Books)


I, Theodora (Beauty Has Her Way)

Lost Son (Griots)

In Receipt of Fern Seed (Voices from the Past)

Temple of Regrets (Apexology:  Science Fiction and Fantasy)

Problem of Trystan (Hot & Steamy:  Tales of Steampunk Romance)

Of the Seas, I Dream (Carnage & Consequences)


“WisCon, Stories, and Ontological Blackness” (The WisCon Chronicles Vol. 5:  Writing and Racial Identity)

Actually, that’s not too bad of a list (I was feeling a little author envy when I saw the year some of my friends have had).  Due to the vagaries of publishing, only two of those projects were written in 2011 and came out in the same year.  Most of the stories were written five years or more ago, but only sold in 2010.  On the sale to publishing date, that’s still great.  In the “Sick of Me in 2012” Department, here are some projects in the pipeline for next year:

  • The anthology Dark Faith II (edited by Maurice Broaddus & Jerry Gordon) will be coming in fall 2012 (Apex Books)
  • The novella “I Can Transform You” (Apex Books)
  • The story “Rainfall” will be in the next issue of Cemetery Dance
  • The story “Under a Concrete Hill” will be in the next issue of Bull Spec
  • The story “The Cracker Trap” will be in an upcoming issue of Shroud Magazine
  • The story “Whispers at the End of Creation” will be in the Relics & Ruins anthology
  • The story “A Soldier’s Story” will be in the Vampires Don’t Sparkle! anthology
  • The story “Trails End” will be in the Dead West anthology
  • The story “Iron Hut” will be in the upcoming anthology, Ancient Shadows
  • The story “Awaiting Redemption” will be in an upcoming issue of Of Keene Interest
  • The story “Warrior of the Sunrise” will be in the upcoming Icons anthology