Marc Davidson is a regular on my board who took it on himself to work my side of the street and start a thread on my board about dating. Since I have pressing deadlines on a few projects, I thought that I would collect his tips for the blog.

1. I know this is going to sound rather Zen like, but try to stop thinking about women, and instead, get yourself lost in either your faith, a great cause, or some kind of hobby. This will make you interesting, plus, it will put you in the presence of hot chicks who dig what you dig.

2. Wash your funky behind. There is no greater turnoff than poor hygiene. Take care of yourself, get your teeth whitened if they are yellow, iron your clothes for a change, get a haircut, bathe EVERY DAY Plus, do this for yourself, not for some unknown woman. Never lose site of tip #1

3. Learn to enjoy all kinds of people and listen to their stories: Being a good listener who actually enjoys people is the sexiest thing on the planet, because when you genuinely are interested in other people it has the concomitant effect of them being interested in you.

4. Flirt. And I mean flirt with as many women as possible in all kinds of places. Flirting is an art form that deserves a whole thread to itself. I won’t break it down too much, I will just let the women on the board state when flirting works and when it doesn’t. I’ll say this though, it is important to give a woman a lot of space when flirting so that she does not think you are coming on to her or stalking her. Flirting should make a woman feel really good about herself and you. So much so in fact, that she cannot wait for you to come around to pay attention to her.

5. Learn to give appropriate compliments. But don’t tell her how nice her butt and boobs are. Compliment her instead on her smile, her eyes, her intelligence, hard work, etc. I don’t know why this is, but most women I know have low self-esteem, they really can use a lot of affirmation. I have the gift of exhortation and encouragement, and this is probably the main reason the women love me (other than fact that I am foine as all get out)

6. Feel good about yourself. Do an inventory and think through what you are really good at, and start thinking about yourself as a person with a lot to offer. If you have trouble doing this, ask a good friend what your positive traits are. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, be the cool guy that only you can be. Being self actualized like this make you a magnet for all kinds of people, especially the ladies, can you dig it?

7. Say hello to her just like you would anyone else. Don’t turn it into some huge romantic event, just say “hello’, and figure out how to keep the conversation flowing (that’s a thread all to itself). Here is the thing though, if she likes you, she will help keep the conversation flowing. If the conversation falls flat, don’t worry about it, there probably is no chemistry between you two anyway so it is not going to work. You win some you lose some. Don’t take it personally.

8. One way to test whether or not someone likes you is by getting inside their comfort zone and even slightly touching them. If she moves, this might not prove anything, but if she either stays where she is or moves closer, chances are that she might think you’re kinda cute.

9. Once you established that there is some real chemistry, she likes you and you like her, invite her to hang with your crew at some really fun event. That way, you can see how she meshes with your friends and how they like her, and you don’t wierd her out by coming on too strong.

10. After a couple of group dates where you have established, A) Your friends like her and don’t thnk she is a bunny boiler, and B) You still think she is hot and want to get to know her better, ask her out on a one-on-one date. Again, don’t make it a big deal, just tell her that you were planning going to some real fun place but don’t have anyone to come with, and ask her if she would like to hang come with you. Don’t call it a date, let her ask if it is a date, then you can call it a date. If she is all weirded out by the notion of going out with you alone, don’t worry, she probably does like you, but just may not be ready for a one on one relationship. Respect that, and just give her time if you really like her. You can still go on group dates. Just give her a lot of space and continue to live your life, and also continue to be really nice to her, and above all, don’t pressure her.

His dating tips started going to his head, because his last few tips started getting longer and longer. Thus I had to break this up into two parts. Part two next week.

I don’t have time to always check the comments all the places where this rant is posted. If you want to make sure that I see it or just want to stop by and say hi, do so on my message board. I apologize in advance for some of my regulars.