As I said yesterday, these are the vows that my wife and I swore to six years ago today. Let me tell you, I like to think of myself as a good man, but each day I realize just how far short I fall in living up to these promises. Marriage is a sacred undertaking that we don’t take seriously enough.

As I await the future resurrection and glorification of the body, I must due to my present frailties, weaknesses, and continued sinfulness, not only say, and not only promise, but rather, I must vow to you before friends, family, God, and government, those things which, apart from the grace of God, I can not fulfill.

As Christ loves His Church sacrificially,
so I vow to sacrifice all for your sake
As Christ loves His Church supremely,
so I vow to ever delight in only you
As Christ loves His Church eternally,
so I vow to love you until my dying day

As Christ provides for His Church,
so I vow to provide for you
As Christ sanctifies His Church,
holy commandments of our God and King
As Christ serves his church,
so I vow to serve you with all humility and patience

And just as Christ has promised never to leave or forsake
His Church, so I vow to never depart from or abandon you,

For Richer or poorer
In sickness and in health
For better or for worse
Until death do us part

By my love, I hope to prepare you for the One whose love
I can only but hope to faintly imitate- the Lord Jesus Christ

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