Simon Wood continues to disgust me. Simon Janus is happy to announce that Bad Moon Books will be publishing his horror novella, THE SCRUBS. It will be available in limited edition paperback and a collector’s edition hardback. THE SCRUBS takes place in a fictionalized version of the real life prison of Wormwood Scrubs in London. It’s the story of Michael Keeler, a convicted killer, who volunteers to be part of the North Wing project in order to gain a pardon–except no one has ever returned from the project. THE SCRUBS will be out summer 2008.

What does this have to do with Simon Wood? His horror publications will be under the name Simon Janus, while his thrillers and mysteries will continue to come out under Simon Wood. He explains it all here. I await his latest chastising of me (“if you’d quit blogging so much, you’d get more books written. But keep blogging about me.”)

Gamasutra just ran a lengthy interview with Richard Dansky talking about writing for games.

And Alice Henderson is in a chat on the Buffy and Angel: The Authors site TONIGHT at 4pm PST/7 pm EST. Go to this site. Click on the CHAT tab, and then JOIN to chat.

And my brother was hanging out with comic, Louis C.K. He sent me a photo to rub it in my face.

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