I’ve always liked Jay Mohr and have been waiting for him to find the proper vehicle for his talents. I don’t think this is it, much like Damon Wayans seemed an ill fit in his sitcom vehicle, My Wife and Kids. But both manage to show flashes of what makes their comedy shine despite the formula trappings.

In Gary Unmarried, Gary Barnes, a recently single painting contractor, and his controlling ex-wife, Allison (Paula Marshall), each embark on new relationships after 15 years of marriage. He’s the fun parent and she’s the strict one raising two children – Louise, a socially conscious 11-year-old, and Tom, their socially awkward 14-year-old. Gary connects with Vanessa, a single mother whose condo he was hired to paint, while Vanessa ends up with their marriage counselor whose book, “Rules for the Perfect Divorce” they had been living by. And then the sitcom hijinks ensue.

“The heart doesn’t know how to follow a bunch of rules.” –Allison

We live in an age of divorce, where one out of two marriages end in divorce, Christian and non-Christian alike. So many folks find themselves single again or dating prospects who have been divorced. As people get older, they don’t have time to waste with the dating game. Many folks find themselves single with kids or single again with kids and have to weigh issues like: going from being single to an instant family, dating while juggling kids, dating while dealing with ex-spouses or the children’s other parent still having to be around, blending two families, and how and when to develop/allow the appropriate attachments. It’s a lot to absorb and deal with on top of trying to figure out if you like the person you’re going out with, though every relationship has its baggage. But there are laughs to be mined from such situations.

I actually liked Gary Unmarried, though I’m not much of a sitcom person. Jay Mohr can charm his way through most scripts and make up for many of the deficiencies in the writing. In the end, I guess I was hoping for a less conventional fate for him. But comedy genius Jim Burrows is directing the series, so there’s always hope.

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