As my regular readers know (and note, I refrained from calling you all “my Precious”), my blog will be fairly erratic as I put my nose to the grindstone to finish the second novel in my trilogy. Occasionally, I will find a way to procrastinate. This weekend it was Gen Con. Allow me to share a few picture highlights from the con. Two are hanging with John C. Hay and, well, what I’m calling the dorkcycle.

Though I was at the convention the entire time, on Saturday, the family joined me. My sons came appropriately dressed as Batman (Reese) and the Hulk (Malcolm – and as to not make Wrath James White upset, note that it’s the green Hulk, not the gray one). Since we were babysitting my nephew at the time, he was indoctrinated into the typical Broaddus family events. Turns out, Scooby was the hugest hit.

All the boys were constantly having their pictures taken (though the Hulk proved to be quite shy, so I ended up bribing him with candy to cooperate with the photographers). And they were invited to join in the Gen Con costume parade.

We wrapped up the afternoon building a house of cards which was added to the city of cards. We even returned to Gen Con late at night in order to participate in the charity destruction of the city of cards (oddly enough: boys + chance to destroy buildings of cards = WIN!)

We wrapped up our evening by checking in on a Magic the Gathering tournament. Notice that we have opted to pose for a picture of just us rather than show a picture of Mr. Hay’s ignominious and brutally quick defeat.

The rest of the pictures are available on teh wife’s Facebook albums:

I’ll post some actual reporting from the con in a few days. At some point I have to earn my press pass.