(as seen through my Twitter account)

It’s Geek Mardis Gras, uh, I mean GenCon!

Never forget your towel…you can use it for a blanket when you don’t have a room #gamerhomeless

It’s too early in the morning to deal with LARPers & filkers. Wait, there’s never a good time for that…#gencon

If your IT department goes down, you’re out of luck. GenCon’s expecting over 40K people this year. #geeksonparade #geekpower

“No, playing elves exclusively does not constitute #racefail.”

I love that my sons *had* to come visit me at GenCon. Then the oldest acted too cool to admit missing me.

@mforbeck Had a great lunch with @MauriceBroaddus, @jerrylgordon & @apexjason. Getting ready for next 2 seminars & ENnies tonight.

…and then @jenniferbrozek went insane, smashed a glass, and went after @apexjason’s assistant …

“That ninja bit me.” #thingsoverheardatencon

Dear @apexjason: what’s got two thumbs and you’re now liable for? *this guy* #apexVP

In the champagne room with @apexjason @jerrylgordon @whhorner @darktowhead … don’t ask. #gencon

…and then we invented dance moves based on punctuation & were asked to leave … (@whhorner @apexjason @darktowhead)

Crashing the Steampunk panel! with @antonstrout

Ok, I’m done at my signing. The first person to buy my books: R.A. Salvatore. #geekgasm

Spandex is unforgiving, I don’t care what you look like. And guys, we can tell when you’ve packed a potato. #genconcostumes

On hour #4 of dinner at Ambrosia  with @apexjason and @jerrylgordon. #gencon #greattimes #greatfriends

When you hang out at a place called The Succubus Club, you really regret 8 a.m. panels…