Because Brian Keene can get me to do random confessionals, I’m guest blogging over there on Why I’m not a Halloween Guy aka My First Halloween:

It was 1976 and my brother and I were freshly transplanted from London, England—where we were born—to the thriving metropolis that was Franklin, Indiana. The first thing we had vowed to do was lose our accents (as people kept coming up to us saying “speak English”, which at the time made little sense to us as ostensibly we all spoke English, until we realized that our accents marked us as somehow different. Then again, this was Franklin, Indiana.).

We were barely in this country for six months when Halloween rolled around.   [continue reading here]

It’s a part of my, uh, carefully crafted marketing campaign for King’s War which comes out later this month.  Speaking of King’s War, Angry Robot’s Man in New York caught up with me last week, and chatted about “the conclusion of [my] extraordinary Knights of Breton Court trilogy” and my future plans.  Click here to hear the podcast.

You don’t just have the option to hear me pontificate.  Jimmy Pudge also caught up with me for a discussion about the Knights of Breton Court as well as e-books.  You can read the interview here.

Lastly, for those local to the Indianapolis area, I will be doing a reading at a meet up of the single’s group of St Luke’s United Methodist Church (100 86th Street West Indianapolis, IN) on Wednesday October 26th.  More on that as the date nears.  Also there is an upcoming Zombie Walk for charity:

Zombie Walk for Braaaiiins Hunger

Gamerz invites all zombies to walk, lurch, moan, and groan Saturday, October 29 to benefit Gleaners Food Bank.

Zombies will stagger out of Gamerz, collecting canned food donations from drop off points on State Rd 135, then shamble back to Gamerz for a day of Halloween-themed games and braaaiiins cupcakes.

When:  Saturday, October 29

-Zombies need to report by 10:00 a.m.; the walk begins at 10:15 a.m.

Why:  All collected canned goods will be donated to Gleaners Food Bank

Where:  Gamerz 1140 N. ST 135, Greenwood, IN

Come dressed as a zombie!  (Or just ready to shuffle and moan.)

For details call Gamerz at (317) 865-1500