We’re in the midst of a generation that has what I have diagnosed as “acute failure to believe.” It’s a mental and spiritual malaise about politics, religion, and social issues because they has simply disconnected. Few take stands on issues if for no other reason than stands are easily discredited amounting to “I don’t have a position but here’s why your position is wrong.” Don’t get me wrong, this is a stance I take when folks are talking about stuff I don’t care about, which may be the problem: we don’t care about much.

Too often, I feel like my friend who ended up in this conversation:

Person A: Here’s why your job sucks.
Person B: Hang on, do you even have a job?
Person A: No.
Person B: That’s why you have no money and you’re treading water in life.

We lack passion about ideas, cast adrift on a sea of self-interest, not committing to much. If you hold to nothing, there’s no point in you arguing with me. It’s like talking to quicksand. Some folks want to run their mouths on topics they don’t care about, willing to argue in circles because ignorance knows no fear (I think I just described most message board discussions).

I like talking to people who hold to things, especially if they’re open in their thinking. They challenge me, sharpen me. Sure, there are issues I don’t care about just as there are issues I’m still searching on. We need to nurture our intellectual question which too many have squelched in our respective journeys.

Be they a political party, a religious belief, or even a social issue, we need to live in hope that we can come along and do better. That our ideas matter. Let’s face it, most of our ideas amount to our best guesses about how to live and work out solutions to the problems and questions we face. We are all on a continual journey of searching. It really is okay to lead a self-examined life.


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