Once again, there’s no easy way to describe Mo*Con so go read Kelli Dunlap’s blog summary.


Bob Freeman’s summary

Tom Piccirilli’s The Brotherhood of Inspiration

Brian Hatcher’s summary

Kevin Lucia’s reflections

or from a fan perspective:

Sheryl Hugill’s summary

Tony Tremblay’s summary (through which you can almost entirely relive the con. wow.)

I have posted:
A sample of what Mo*Con looked like on Twitter
Wrath’s sermon on atheism
The Story of My Christianity
The awards given in absentia (including a feature story on Mo*Con)

And if you want to see some pictures, we have:

My FaceBook Album

or my wife’s facebook albums
05-14-2009 Arrival of Mo Con Guests
05-15-2009 Pre-Mo Con Brunch at “The Journey”
05-15-2009 Pre-Mo Con – Getting the church ready
05-15-2009 Mo Con – Day one
05-15-2009 Mo Con – Day One – Poetry reading
05-16-2009 Mo Con – Day 2
05-16-2009 Mo Con – Day 2 – Art Gallery
05-16-2009 Mo Con After Party
05-17-2009 Mo Con Day 3 – Just Brunch today

Alethea’s Pics

[Two things on a personal note: 1) I can’t state strongly enough how great it was to host our guests. They were truly epic; 2) It’s great to have friends who speak truth into your life–even when it’s painful to hear–and who support you during times of trouble; 3) there are a few folks I especially can’t thank enough for the help and support in making Mo*Con possible: Sally Broaddus (whose patience and support continue to amaze me); Sara Larson (without whom, this con would not have happened); Ro Griffin, Jenn Baumgartner, and Larissa Johnson (Team Broaddus); brunch chef, Rob Rolfingsmeyer; and Michelle Pendergrass, Jerry Gordon, Bob Freeman (yay! all the IHW).]


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