This isn’t so much of a “my best blogs of 2012” as much as here are some of my favorites for you to check out in case  you missed them:

No More Broaddus Family Truth Times – okay, I admit, I should have known how this story was going to end.  Ironically, I wrote the father-son post Ashtrays in spite of this …

Missing Mama Bears – My dear friend Sara Larson passed away this year.

Finding the Cool Kids Table – Is there any such thing as the “cool kids table” when it comes to being welcomed into the genre writing community?

Being Creative, Christian, and Crazy – I begin a discussion revolving around mental health issues and creatives.  This has evolved into being the theme for next year’s Mo*Con.

Conflating Faith and Politics – The title says it all and I rant about my frustration with this dilemma.

Runaway Republicans – I guess this was the capper of my unintended look at the Republican Party.  This began with my review of the documentary on black conservatives, Runaway Slave, ramped up with my interview with the documentary’s creator, C.L. Bryant.

Why I’m not a Christian Spec Fic Writer – I refer to myself as a (genre) writer who is a Christian, not a Christian (genre) writer for a reason.

Putting the Urban in Urban Fantasy – I always thought urban fantasy meant something entirely different…

I never seem to have time to write – well, that’s pretty self-explanatory.  We have to make time to write.  A corollary to that is Following the Way of Michael Jackson, where we have to learn to write through even the difficult times of life.

Slush Pile Warrior, Part Deux – I recently wrote a piece for the SFWA Bulletin on things I learned from the slush pile of Dark Faith.  I figured it would be a while before I’d have anything good to share again, after all, I JUST WROTE ABOUT WHAT I DIDN’T WANT TO SEE AGAIN.  Oops…  Of course, it’s a great companion piece to Wooing the Slush Reader.  But we can still learn from our rejections.


A few other online notables from me:

Family Dinner – a short story that was one of the winners of Punchnel’s zombie-themed short story contest.

Writing Excuses:  Writing the Other – this was a great conversation with Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Howard Tayler.

A Conversation With Author Maurice Broaddus on Speculative Fiction, the Craft of Writing, Race and Science Fiction, and C.L. Bryant – with Chauncey Devega, this is what happens when black geeks get together.