BROWNSTOWN, Ind. — A hunting trip with friends and relatives sparked a rage in Zachariah Blanton on Saturday night when it came time for the messy work of gutting a deer. A fight erupted, and although investigators have not said what it was about, the 17-year-old interstate sniper suspect bolted for his car and headed for his Delaware County home.

“I found myself driving to the overpass,” State Police forensic crime scene technician John Kelly recalled Blanton telling him. Then, Kelly testified, the teen offered his explanation for firing a high-powered hunting rifle into the windshields of two southbound pickups on I-65, then driving about 100 miles north and firing on two other vehicles in Delaware County. Blanton gave Kelly a simple motive. “I felt that was a way to relieve the pressure.”

Relieve the pressure? I have already been warned that I shouldn’t make light of the sniper attack, but come on. Back in my day, man, do I feel my age saying things like that, we at least had cow-tipping. What kind of screwed up emotional skillset are we failing to teach where a teen goes through the mental steps of:

-I’ve just had a fight with my folks
-My parents just don’t get me.
-I’m upset.
-I’ll go for a drive.
-Let me stop here on this overpass and randomly start shooting at folks.
-Ah. I feel my pain leaving already.

In fact, there must be something in the water, because I just heard about this:

Greencastle, IN – Someone in Indiana is doing more than minding his P’s and Q’s, he’s stealing R’s. Dozens of the letter R have been stolen from signs and marquees in Greencastle, which is about 40 miles west of Indianapolis. Police say the consonant thief targets gas stations, restaurants, repair shops and medical offices.

Shooting people or stealing the letter R? These are what our teens do to relieve themselves? There is definitely a disconnect with them somewhere along the way. You know what this means? Rather than blame the parents, or the fact that, hey, people are born screwed up, it’s time to find a scapegoat. Let’s whip Congress into a frenzy to complete the misdirect. We’re already beaten up television and school recently, so I say we blame it on video games (it’s either that or call Sesame Street: Special Letters Unit).

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