I should have won. You people let me down.

Granted, winning the Black Weblog Awards (this blog was nominated for Best Topical Blog) might have meant absolutely nothing. Let’s face it, most awards don’t mean much. They are something you get to slap on your site or your book (I would have been an award winning blogger!), but rarely does that translate into actual sales. Or readership. Or hits.

(Dear statcounter, I really ought to back away from you and quit being so obsessive about seeing who reads me and from where. I really should. But you are like my magic mirror on the wall: “who’s the fairest blogger of them all?”)

My latest column is out over on INtake, “Memories of a Black Irish Man” (well, that was the original title – not a lot of room for pretentious titles in a column).

If you want to make sure that I see your comment or just want to stop by and say hi, feel free to do so on my message board. I apologize in advance for some of my regulars.