Until I have a chance to put the video and the whole gallery on my web site, here are a few pics from Mo*Con.

The Indiana Horror Writers

Our snack of choice, Cthuhlu cookies (thanks to Carrie Rapp!):

Our guest of honor:

The inimitable Chesya Burke:
Some of the ladies from the Maurice Broaddus Message Board:
For that matter, here are all of my wives. When God said no polygamy, it was because He knew better. Having a lot of women in your life sounds like a good idea on paper, til you realize you are being bossed around by more than one voice. So we have my wife-wife, my board wife (and moderator), my con wife, and my other board wife (and mod).
The kid rebellion (for some context, there was a second party going on because folks brought their kids. So there were about 10 kids and at one point, they all turned on Keene – or as we called it, the intervention):
Us in full pastor mode:
In the end, we let the work speak for itself.

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