Thirty-five years ago, I sprang forth from my mother’s loins. This is a fact that I like to call and remind her about periodically, usually on Mother’s Day (because nothing makes for a better Mother’s Day card sentiment than discussion of her loins).

As a fitting birthday present, FLASH ME Magazine purchased a story from me for their e-zine that went live, ironically, today. It features a story of mine, Secret Garden, that I like quite a bit. It was my second attempt at doing a flash piece since I was accused (by a black female horror writer who shall remain nameless so that she can’t google her name and come here to mock me) of not being able to tell a story in under 7000 words due to me enjoying the pretentious sound of my own voice. Since I live to prove her wrong, I entered what historians will one day call my “flash period”.

Okay, everyone take a moment, indulge my ego, and take a brief dip in Lake Me.

(And don’t forget to tell your mothers how much you appreciate their loins! Trust me, they’ll love you for it.)

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