Spotted out in the wild by Daniel R. Robichaud in San Antonio, Texas with confirmed sightings by fellow Indiana Horror Writers, Brian J. Shoopman in Greenwood, Indiana, and Rodney Carlstrom in Noblesville, Indiana … King Maker has hit the U.S. shores!

It seems like just yesterday that I was  I was doing some volunteer work with a ministry called Outreach Inc. (they work with homeless and at-risk teens). Well, we were doing a writing exercise and I was trying to get them to imagine themselves in different environments and situations. And no one could imagine themselves past next week, much less in a different life. So I went on a rant about princes and princesses and the idea of prince of the streets kind of stuck with me. And how the kids protective were of one another reminded me of knights. Next thing you know … Arthur, cause that’s how my brain works.  It’s hard to believe that I wrote the first draft during NaNoWriMo only a couple years ago (literally, two years ago next month).

It DOES feel like I’ve kind of given birth … to a bouncing baby paperback.  It’s a heady mix of terror (this is it!  This is what you’ve worked toward and sacrificed for … wait, what if people don’t like it and you really suck?!?)  and excitement (MY BOOK IS HERE!  IT REALLY HAS MY NAME ON THE COVER!  WHY CAN’T I STOP JUMPING UP AND DOWN LIKE A DRUNK CHEERLEADER?  WHY DON’T I HAVE PANTS ON?).

King Maker is book one of my Knights of Breton Court trilogy.  It follows the life of King James White, a homeless teenager pulling his life together, who is the modern embodiment of the spirit of King Arthur.  The story of Camelot slowly begins to play out on the inner city streets of modern day Indianapolis.  So amidst urban decay, gangs, the drug trade, and homeless teens, there are zombies, elementals, magic, and trolls.  It’s The Wire meets Excalibur.*

You can check out some of the reviews here.  Feel free to leave me your thoughts on the book on Amazon reviews since, you know, I will be obsessively checking them and judging my self-worth by them.  To make things as easy as possible for you:

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You can read the first chapter here.

And keep checking the News section of my website.  There I will be posting my book signing and convention appearance schedule.

Yeah, I’ll probably spend the rest of the day looking myself up on book sites and library databases then calling in the family to point at the screen and yell “That’s ME!”  They’ll NEVER get tired of that!  Never, no, never.

*Or we could do the comic book version of the pitch:  Mage meets that one Falcon mini-series where street gang members kidnap Ronald Reagan.  Or, Mage meets DC’s scrapped Milestone line.  Or, Mage meets Power Man, except none of the black people yell things like “Sweet Christmas!” … though it’s not too late for me to write that into the third book of the trilogy in order to start that trend.  I’m sure glad no one actually reads my little footnotes.