December 31st – the Nguzo Saba principle of the day is Kuumba (koo-oom-bah), which means Creativity.

To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it. Makes use of our creative energies to build and maintain a strong and vibrant community.

Today, the red candle is lit.

Creativity is where our family lives and breathes. It’s more than a cultural mindset; it’s a spiritual mindset for us. How we live, how we worship, how we relate to one another all revolves around the joys of art and imagination. As “eikons”, formed in the image of God, we can’t help but be creators in our own right. In fact, we are tasked with joining Him in being co-creators, in participating in His act of creating.

The boys were tasked with making a drawing representing what Kwanzaa means to them. My oldest worked on drawing a kinara while my youngest, well, I’m happy if he can pronounce “Kwanzaa”. And now we begin the preparations for our “Food-y New Year”. Just some family over for dinner with each hour bringing a new entree/dish for us to try.

Libation Statement:
For the Motherland, cradle of civilization.
For the ancestors and their indomitable spirit.
For the elders, from whom we can learn much.
For our youth, who represent the promise of tomorrow.
For our people, the original people.
For our struggle and in remembrance of those who have struggled on our behalf.
For Umoja, the principle of unity which should guide us in all that we do.
For the Creator, who provides all things great and small.

Harambee, Harambee, Harambee, Harambee, Harambee, Harambee, Harambee*

*Swahili for “Let’s all pull together” – We use the track from the Sounds of Blackness’ The Evolution of Gospel.