Ain’t no party like a Mo*Con party cause a Mo*Con party don’t quit…I’d say more about the author, his book and what brings him here, but Mr. Sizemore does a pretty good job of this himself.  Plus, who knew he was writer …

MoCon – A Place of Open Ideas, a Place of Business

I Irredeemable_Cover800X6001often think Maurice did a disservice by calling his early soiree ‘MoCon’. The ‘Mo’ part I’m cool with. We all know Maurice enjoys a bit of personal aggrandizing, and you know what, that is okay. It’s the ‘Con’ part that hangs me up.

MoCon is not a convention. It is a gathering of writers, artists, editors, publishers, readers, and friends in the spirit of intellectual discourse and fun. The majority of the ‘convention’ is usually held in the basement of a Christian church. But people of all faiths are welcomed and encouraged to attend. People of any sexual disposition are encouraged.  Being in a church doesn’t affect the conversation. Panels in the past have discussed sex in fiction, racially charged subjects, and homosexuality and the church.

MoCon is about finding ways of dropping those arbitrary boundaries that create confusion, mistrust, and misunderstanding among people. The ‘convention’ aspect of the name MoCon misrepresents the weekend that Maurice and his team puts together.

I propose a name change. Let’s change it to ‘The Maurice Broaddus Weekend of Fellowship, Trust, and Love’.

While there are panels and there are parties (this is Maurice Broaddus we’re talking about, after all), MoCon is a great place for personal business. My company, Apex Pubilcations, has seen the birth of several major projects stem from conversations at MoCon: Both Dark Faith anthologies, Plow the Bones by Douglas Warrick, To Each Their Darkness by Gary Braunbeck, commissions for Apex Magazine, and more.

I’ve any had an opportunity to advance my writing career, what there is of it. Last year, Stephen Zimmer (of Seventh Star Press), was one of the guests of honor. Between panels, Stephen and I were talking, and he asked me about a couple of my stories. Turns out he is a fan of my short fiction and encouraged me to submit a collection proposal to him. I’ve long considered myself just a publisher and editor. The writer side of me was my ‘hobby’. Because I’ve been writing for 10+ years, I had quite a library of pro and semi-pro stories available to pick from for a book.

One of the best writers I know, Geoffrey Girard, said he would write an introduction. I decided to go for it.

Thus Irredeemable was born! Eighteen stories of dark science fiction and/or horror.

The title I owe to my graphic artist friend Justin Stewart. Justin once remarked that my stories are filled with irredeemable bastards. He’s quite right—most of the 18 stories in the collection fit into the ‘irredeemable’ thread. These characters are intolerant, short-sighted, and mistrustful.

Exactly the sort of people that could use a weekend of MoCon to have their views broadened and hearts reset.


I’ll have copies of Irredeemable at MoCon.

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