King Maker is now available as an audio book on  On one level, it throws me off when I hear people reading my work and repeating those words out loud.  I wrote those words that someone is reading and performing.  *I* did that.  THEY are *reading* them!  And as excited as I was when I stumbled across Mark reading the prologue from King Maker:

(by the way, here’s Mark Reads King Maker Prologue Part 2), I’m doubly excited to announce that King Maker is now available on

king makerI wanted to retell the legend of King Arthur in a completely new context.  Told through the eyes of homeless teens, drug dealers, and gang members, I also wanted to explore the idea that we, even cities, have shadows.  So on one level, it’s what makes it easy to “believe” that there is this magical underbelly to our everyday reality.  One that’s always there yet we never both to look for it or acknowledge it, filled with plant elementals, senile mages, trolls, fairies, and all manner of beasties.    At the same time, this magical shadow city serves as a kind of metaphor for another kind of shadow.  A very real world one:  homelessness.

With King Maker we are introduced to a world of outsiders, people who are typically “voiceless” in our society:  the homeless, drug addicts, gang members, prisoners, and the poor.  The powerless, the invisible, the “least of these” … and we peek into their world, see their faces, and hear their stories.  Sometimes through poor choices, sometimes due to circumstances beyond their control, they struggle to maintain their dignity, humanity, lives.  As they face fear, loss, spiritual hardships, and their very survival, King rises up.

So here’s King Maker.  Coming soon are King’s Justice and King’s War.  I’ll invite you to those parties, too.