Besides my reading at the University of Indianapolis for their Kellogg’s Writer Series, I finished off last week having a chance to speak to the leadership of the Center for Leadership Development, a program I completed back in 1985. It’s not often that they get to hear from alumni to see the impact of their work, so it was my pleasure to talk to them about the power of presence and mentoring in young people’s lives.

Saturday was the Indianapolis Public Library’s “Meet an Author, Be an Author” event, put on in conjunction with the Indiana Writer’s Center. I had the opportunity to be on a couple of panels: one on the life of a writer and the other on children’s book publishing.

Then I wrapped up the weekend participating in a Spirit & Place event, “The Evolution of SF Fandom.” That was a lively discussion. Thanks to everyone who participated in and came out to Spirit & Place event! @StarbaseIndy @cfiindy @authorMBarron @MauriceBroaddus @LisaMeece108 @DrLeahLeach @randapandamoniu @spiritandplace

And now I officially take it easy for the rest of the year, attempting to finish up this novel due next month.