First, I’d like to apologize for the “pink” incident. Yes, it did look like someone blew up Strawberry Shortcake all over my board. Our latest MOD, a faithful regular who got “promoted”, decided to experiment with all of the shiny new buttons. Including the censor button, which explains why suddenly everyone was bleeped out by “smurfing” and “fraggled”. And why my news flasher has declared her “Master of the Universe.”

So any editor or agent, heck, to any of the numerous visitors I get, who happened to be perusing my board, I apologize. It’s not usually so … pink. So very, very pink. (Somehow the new MOD thought that a black message board was too cliche for a horror writer and that I should go against type and decorate in pink.) Be strong, Internet. It will be over soon. The reign of terror will be ending in a few hours, when the other MOD returns.

Yeah, I’m fairly powerless on my own message board.

However, I was going to write anyway about the message board today anyway. I was wondering why writers have message boards to begin with. A better way to interact with fans? A way to create more of a community among their fans? Suffering under the delusion that we have fans? Well, the regulars on my board are in the process of choosing a motto (because we’ve obviously got too much time on our hands). Something that unites us in purpose. Here are some of the finalists in no particular order – “The Maurice Broaddus Message Board: -Stumbling block and testing ground: proceed with caution!” -How the hell did I get sucked into this?” -“One of us, one of us”” -Where diversity meets depravity…. and they have a nice coffee.” -Relieving boredom at work” -You’re part of the community… whether you like it or not.” -If it’s not about Maurice Broaddus, its DEFINETLY not about you!” -Making Baby Jesus Cry Since 2004!” -Where family sucks, but we love each other anyway” -We collect heretics.” -Where all the women have curves and all the men have smiles.” (Thank you, Wrath)

-My cult sucks.” (For the record, my personal favorite)

A couple of suggestions almost got combined, as in “The Sinister Minister: Resistance IS futile” and “Because we love you, dammit!!” For matters of full disclosure, BurnDark almost got banned for referring to the board as the “The Mo Town of the Internet”. To the sibling who submitted “he’s less intimidating than Byron Allen” – don’t make me go all Wayne Brady on you. However, it looks like the winner is this one, suggested by She Who Has Gone Crazy with MOD Power:

-Where each voice in our head has its own thread”

The motto will be on the back of the official Maurice Broaddus Message Board T-Shirt (available this Christmas). It may even have this logo on the front pocket:

So, to quote another regular … “Yay, we have a motto!

And, uh, I apologize again.

If you want to make sure that I see your comment or just want to stop by and say hi, feel free to do so on my message board. I REALLY apologize in advance for some of my regulars.