Call for Submissions for a nonfiction anthology of essays: Miseducation of the Writer

Miseducation of the Writer, will entail (mostly reprint) essays written by people of color, about writing genre fiction. For these purposes, genre fiction includes SF, fantasy, horror, etc.  Put simply, Miseducation of the Writer will explore the unique struggles and hardships that PoC often experience in the publishing world told by the very people who have experienced them first hand.  We hope to explore the multifaceted themes of feminism, racism, religious and or ethnic experiences in the publishing world through the eyes of PoC.

Publisher: Guide Dog Books, imprint of Raw Dog Screaming Press

Editors: Chesya Burke

John Lawson

Maurice Broaddus

Word Count: 2000-5000

Deadline: October 15, 2011 The Deadline has been extended to December 1, 2011!

Payment: $20, plus 1 contributor copies for one time anthology rights, ebook and Worldwide English language rights

Reprints: Yes

Esubs: Yes

Multiple: Yes, only after rejection

Simultaneous: Yes

Original Material: While we accept original essays, also accept obscure reprints.

Send questions to  We will not open attachments.  Although we accept blog entries (as long as they are no longer available on your blog), we are looking for well-written, high quality essays that analyze/evaluate/discuss your chosen subject, while informing the reader without being confrontational or dismissive of anyone or idea. The mission here is to entertain, inform and enlighten, not belittle or scare new writers.  If you believe you have an idea/essay that fits our needs, please feel free to email and run it by us.

That said, this is an anthology of (somewhat) established writers for newer unestablished writers.  Although you do not have to have published work in the field, it is a plus, so please tell us about your publishing credits in your cover letter.  If you don’t have any, you need to have been working in this field in some capacity over the last few years, whether as an editor, agent reviewer, etc. We understand it takes a long time to get published sometimes, so if you have been working and honing your craft as a writer for many years, but still aren’t published, please feel free to submit, however, it may be more difficult to get into this particular anthology. Likewise, if your submission is a reprint, please tell us where it was originally published (even if on your blog), and if it’s new, please let us know that also.

To submit, go to our submission page.