Matt Cardin is cursed.

Coming and going, apparently the wrath of God follows. First Mapquest directs him to an airport that doesn’t exist causing him to miss his flight to Mo*Con III. Then storms follow him here preventing both he and Nick Mamatas from departing (though luckily, we had absolutely beautiful weather Saturday which allowed the after party to spread out nicely outdoors).

This led to Mo*Con III.2, the dead dog’s, dead dog party. A couple people called in sick to work, a couple others crashed at my house. Or basically no one wanting to say good-bye, so we made it last as long as possible, even if that meant opting to not go to sleep at all. Let me tell you, nothing will make you feel dumber than being between Nick Mamatas and Matt Cardin while they are going at it about the subjectivity of how we experience reality. Those were probably the last words I understood.

Though I know Kelli is going to blog about it, there’s nothing like seeing the phrase “1 missed call – Jesus” pop up on her cell phone during the spirituality panel. (Luckily, Mr. Gonzalez had very nice things to say about Kelli Dunlap’s forthcoming book)

Seriously, Mo*Con III.2 was among the many highlights of Mo*Con III. I’m still trying to get images of Hurra Torpedo out of my head. How do you explain Mamatas feats of strength in describing Mo*Con?

Here’s a snippet of Mother Grove’s performance (yes, that’s my son’s voice declaring that “daddy’s in the girls bathroom” – for the record, I was fixing the toilet. You know it’s a good party when you have to fix a toilet and I had to fix two: one at my house and one at the church.)

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Dr. Kim Paffenroth sent along this note:

I think I have Maurice’s promo for Mo*Con IV:

– Will the Mo*Conners be able to flee back to their godless, heathen Blue states, escaping the rising deluge sent by a loving God against the God-fearing Red states of the midwest?

– Will Brother Doug and Dr. K-Paff be able to cast out the terrible demon Resiewdub, who has taken over poor Kyle’s body? They will need to make a quest for the world’s largest stick of incense, the sacred mana of Le Chateau Blanc, and the lost manuscript of The Dragoning!

– Can Paul Puglisi make a rock so big Mamatas can’t lift it?


– Will the Sinister Minister recover in time for Sunday’s sermon? Or at least for next Easter?

All these questions and more will be answered, in MO*CON IV – THE RECKONING!!

[Actually, I already have the tentative theme and guest list for next year’s Mo*Con … yeah, I’m getting fired.]

See you next year!


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