What connections do you see between Spirituality and … Horror?

We’ve talked about scary stuff before. Way back in 2007, we published an interview with Bible scholar Marcus Borg, who is an insatiable fan of character-driven mystery novels, but we’ve rarely returned to the topic. We are aware that mysteries and scary stories in general are very popular with religious men and women. A number of famous religious writers, including C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton, dabbled in both faith and fright.

Plus, nearly every major religious tradition has horrific stories within its sacred literature.

So, we invited author James Leach to write a short overview of a Horror-and-Spirituality conference he just attended in Indiana.

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For the record, my favorite line in the article was “As I sipped absinthe from a Sponge Bob dixie cup at the after party…”

There were a couple of awards given out at Mo*Con IV, but the recipients weren’t able to make it. So I thought I’d share them here: