· T-minus 6 hours before I pick up my first mo*con arrival (yeah, a few come in early). this thing will become all mo*con all the time then.9:59 AM May 14th

· At airport, waiting, with great anticipation & trepidation, on @kellidunlap. She has a “special” greeting for me.4:07 PM May 14th

· *OW*4:45 PM May 14th

· And now I’ve whisked @kellidunlap off to a magic: the gathering tournament.6:03 PM May 14th

· And now to be greeted by @aletheakontis …10:15 PM May 14th

· *OW* 4:45 PM May 14th

· Suddenly not looking forward to being greeted by @WrathJW…10:17 PM May 14th

· It’s 1 o’clock in the morning. Fixing Jack Daniels Steak for @WrathJW, @kellidunlap, and @AletheaKontis. @j_c_hay is missing out …12:35 AM May 15th

· Any @WrathJW story that begins “so i had this moment of black rage” is a must listen.1:10 AM May 15th

@kellidunlap QOTD: the big negro ate all my sweet tarts!

· I’m REALLY going to regret getting so little sleep BEFORE Mo*Con even officially starts …7:19 AM May 15th

· RT: @kellidunlap mo’con = listening to @mauricebroaddus talk about religion…and then telling him why he’s wrong =)8:46 AM May 15th

· On our way to pick up @j_c_hay and @WrathJW to head to brunch.8:55 AM May 15th

@kellidunlap Following @MauriceBroaddus on the hwy is like getting directions from a drunk!

· At The Journey, a sushi buffet. Waiting to see how long it takes for them to tell @WrathJW “you go now!”10:35 AM May 15th

@aletheakontis Entering dessert coma on my mark MARK.

· Twenty pounds of chicken being cooked for chicken marsala. If we run out of food, it’ll be fishes and loaves night at the church.1:34 PM May 15th

@kellidunlap Nap good… But woke to @MauriceBroaddus in full on con-panic mode

· uh oh … Linda Addison is grading our poetry …8:38 PM May 15th

@j_c_hay Okay, okay. I’ll read a poem. You first @MauriceBroaddus.

· And now the after party at the Broaddus’. Tomorrow’s going to come too soon.11:15 PM May 15th

· On a Wayne hunt. I hate misplacing guests.

@KyleSJohnson Its raining, we’re walking, @mauricebroaddus has a paper hat on. Life is good.

@kellidunlap mo’con day 2: the party-goers sleep soundly while the con-rooster makes the coffee and plays with the muse… rudely pouncing comes later!

@kellidunlap Kelli’s mo’con schedule: “love sucks” & “there is no god”… and hey, i’m a GOH next year, just imagine the damage!!

· Off to go shoe shopping … don’t ask.8:36 AM May 16th

· The horror community has bought so many flowers for @supersbroaddus you’d think there was a funeral about to happen … uh oh …12:31 PM May 16th

· Off to go get interviewed.12:32 PM May 16th

· If The Boondocks have taught me anything, it’s that white people really love their cheese …1:21 PM May 16th

· Nervous. @WrathJW and I are about to do our talks. Or settle the God issue with Greco-Roman wrestling…4:34 PM May 16th

· Mo*Con is the convention that happens in the (well-stocked) con suite.

· And now … the absinthe fountain. This will end well.

· ok, they’re drinking absinthe from my kids’ spongebob dixie cups.

@aletheakontis Late nights, bad fiction, & absinthe FTW!

· RT: @kellidunlap QOTD: @aletheakontis: my stomach will not miss eating at strange hours…

· RT: @AletheaKontis Having to leave is the worst part of any good Con. This was a great Con.

@KyleSJohnson The sadness is palpable…Mo*Con almost done, but NEVER fucking done, professionally. Until then, sunshine and cheese steak.

· Well, Mo*Con V has now been COMPLETLY planned out. I mean Kelli*Con … (yay @kellidunlap)

· “Would you stop filming this?!?”

@kellidunlap Per the norm… Last man standing. Con done 🙂

· oy. RT: @AletheaKontis: Sometimes what happens at a convention…goes on YouTube. http://bit.ly/8080d