ME: well, the church is finally asking “what does it REALLY mean to be a community?”
Secret Pastor Friend: That’s great about the church. Of course that’s a HUGE question to ask.
ME: right. and we couldn’t answer it until they were ready to ask the question.
Secret Pastor Friend: very true! good point. I’m starting to see the whole “church” think in different ways myself. I think that ego has more to do with programs and church “things” than anything else almost. And I’m starting to view “church” as a much, MUCH simpler entity than we make it.
ME: yep. i was talking to this brotha just last week, and he has a completely different view of church. it was eye opening.
Secret Pastor Friend: how so?
ME: he doesn’t even DO a sunday morning thing. he said that’s not the point for them.
Secret Pastor Friend: cool, I don’t either. 🙂
ME: they are more into the monastic thing. because they all live in proximity of one another and work together, church becomes more of a 24/7 thing. so they treat the church community closer to an extended family.
Secret Pastor Friend: cool
ME: there are occasions for THE FAMILY to get together other than that, you just live life together and develop discipling relationships.
Secret Pastor Friend: that sounds like what I’ve been thinking of lately too. I’ve visited a few churches but left thinking that I didn’t want to get involved with all their “stuff”. it seems that each church has a different “mission” or “vision” they’re all working toward. But when it comes down to it, sadly, it seems to be an extension of the pastor’s and vicarious members’ ego rather than about loving god and neighbor. Kind of like, “what can I DO for God” that when I’m old, I can look back on and ruminate about all I’ve accomplished. To me that’s pretty sad. It seems like people overlook and walk over the everyday miracles that happen along the way in order to get to the next big “thing”.
ME: yep. it becomes about “my legacy” more than God’s kingdom.
Secret Pastor Friend: very well put
ME: the church we planted out of (who quickly washed their hands of us) just started a building campaign. they are raising 12-20 million dollars … to build a bigger building.
Secret Pastor Friend: whoa. that’s quantified but is it qualified? i mean is that really what it’s all about?
ME: no. they are building, whether they admit it or not, on the strength of the cult of personality around one man. and he’s in legacy mode.
Secret Pastor Friend: ahhhhhh…. yes. A term my wife and I have used multiple times in the last few days. Cult of personality. I think that people, more especially christians, since about the second great awakening, and azuza street for blacks, have been about trying to recreate or build something better to feel that God is actually moving among them. I think if we’d just relax and chill out we’d see what he’s really doing all around us. But that’s not all shiny
ME: in the ordinary
Secret Pastor Friend: YES
ME: yep, we’re definitely walking along the same journey.
Secret Pastor Friend: LOL…. true!
ME: i think i was where you are exactly one year ago.
Secret Pastor Friend: About a year ago I began a blog called “everyday worship” as a response to what I saw going on in the “music” industry of the church. I began to teach that we don’t need music to worship etc. That eventually lead to my downfall
ME: ha! never put it in writing! [NOTE: the views and opinions expressed by Maurice do not necessarily reflect the views of The Dwelling Place. I’m just saying.]
Secret Pastor Friend: yet, the two people I was raising up to be worship leaders left right after we did, took a job at the local Methodist church as worship leaders and are teaching it there. Woo Hoo. 🙂 uh oh…. my legacy. Ahhhh

[to be continued …]

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