Secret Pastor Friend: so what do we DO with our journey?
ME: keep journeying. and hook up with folks who are on the same path. not worry so much about the structure and look of things. even if it doesn’t look like “church”
Secret Pastor Friend: good point. something else I’ve been pondering/worried about is how people inherently divide themselves along political/religious/sociological lines and can never seem to develop meaningful relationships with those of differing belief structures. It may be human nature but there has to be a way out of that trap
ME: that’s a tricky one. and i’m glad you said sociological and not racial lines.
Secret Pastor Friend: well remember, I don’t “see” race. LOL
ME: because i think we DO have more of a class problem than a race one.
Secret Pastor Friend: me too!
ME: oh, that’s right, you heretic. do you know why you always caught such static for that “not seeing race” position? it wasn’t because it was “pie in the sky”.
Secret Pastor Friend: lol. yea
ME: it was the same reason as the community thing at our church. people aren’t there yet. you were having a conversation people weren’t ready to have yet.
Secret Pastor Friend: I know. And I wasn’t ready to present the position in an intelligent and well-thought out way. you and i need to develop and publish a social etiquette that transcends all lines. So at least people can communicate with others more effectively.
ME: i’m with you. i’m just not with you. here’s what i mean: i see “race” in terms of shared story. but i’m trying to get folks there, so i can’t “adopt” your position until i get people prepared to have that conversation. that’s why the next and “final” blog in that series will be on reconciliation. in other words, adopting a transcendent story to be a part of. the story of Christ.
Secret Pastor Friend: I like that. If we could get people to adopt and adhere to rules of social conduct, at least we would be able to be nice around one another regardless of our positions on life etc.
ME: try. i do know of one church that AS THEIR SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS, simply taught etiquette.
Secret Pastor Friend: wow. interesting. you and I are weird because for our entire lives we’ve been able to walk across the lines of society and do well in any environment and culture though we probably have our favorites.
ME: yep
Secret Pastor Friend: but we don’t ridicule others and push our own agendas where they’re not wanted
ME: right. but i also learned that the “i don’t see color” thing wasn’t going to fly yet. you keep living the dream. 🙂
Secret Pastor Friend: LOL. what can I say, I’m an idealist. when I look at an asshole, I don’t see color, I see someone who needs to be beaten. I don’t blame his/her race
ME: HA! a-holishness knows no color.
Secret Pastor Friend: LOL. I think “culture” is more common interests than geography now anyway i.e. Vanilla Ice, Eminem, etc. LOL
ME: true. but with our ever fragmenting culture, there are future cultural touchstones. i think that’s why you see so many people searching for a “story” or place to belong.
Secret Pastor Friend: that is very true… people are confused and crave identity. thank you television and MTV in particular. but of course that’s not all bad. It helped us break away from the social mores that were negative, i.e. racism
ME: because both tv/mtv end up crossing racial/cultural lines.
Secret Pastor Friend: yes, and exposed us to other options
ME: um, just to give you a heads up, i will probably turn this entire conversation into a blog.
Secret Pastor Friend: LOL.!!!!

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