Today is my third year birthday for this blog. It’s finally coming out of the terrible two’s: it is learning to talk back, throw tantrums, and still often drool on itself.

Though a lot of my friends had blogs/Live Journals at the time and some spoke of the marketing advantages such things had to aspiring writers, my first comment to the blogosphere involved nothing related to writing, spirituality, race, or pop culture. No, it was an encounter with a crazy @$$ squirrel.

That, ghetto weddings, and white trash weddings are my legacy to teh interwebz.

Now, instead of checking to see how much my blog is worth, let’s check its readability:

Difficult to Read

[Results: Difficult to Read]

P.S. – My friend, Richard Dansky has a new story up over on Pseudopod. Go forth and check it out.