Just so you know, I’m swamped right now. I’m preparing for the World Horror Convention and the Book Expo America, meaning that I finished the edits on my novella and I’m polishing a couple of novels so that they are pitch ready. Actually, finishing them clears my slate so that the second half of the year I can focus on my “secret collaboration project” and a new novel project of mine. All of which I’m using as an excuse to post one of my sister’s older poems.

I’ve previously described my sister as one of my heroes. In a surreal turn of events–at least none that we pictured when me and my brother first put her in a laundry basket filled with cushions and launched her from the top of our stairwell–she has asked me to perform her wedding. (I keep telling her that I’m not “that kind of pastor”, but she won’t have any of that, so I’m teaming up with “He Who Would Be Head Pastor” to do the service.) Obviously, this poem was written before she began dating the man who she is now engaged to. Still, it makes me smile, in that darkly amused sort of way:

i hate men, but i hate women even more so i can’t be a lesbian

It’s been asked what is better
To have loved and then lost
Or to not love at all
Or rather…
To have pain strife and heartbreak,
Love ya and leave ya
What you don’t know won’t hurt ya—

Or maybe romance and flowers
And long walks, cold showers
And butterflies fluttering
And heated cheeks blushing
Or dinner and wine
And quality time
And chills down your spine
And what’s yours is mine
And what’s mine is yours
And opening doors
Rose petals on floors
And temperature soars
And love songs, slow dancing
And secretly prancing

On tiptoes alone in your room
When there’s nothing to do
That’s when they called you
You drop what you’re doing
To embrace their wooing
The whole time they’re fooling
Your heart that they’re ruling

Then “love” gets boring
Passion stops soaring
Listen — That’s butterflies snoring
They got what they hunted
Arm candy they flaunted
Your body they wanted
Your spirit they haunted
With their lackeys they taunted

About YOU
“POOF”… it’s all gone

Then your heart’s hurting
You’re missing the flirting
Emotions are swirling
Your heart’s in your throat
You can’t eat, you can’t work
You can’t sleep, you just lurk
In the dark with your hurt

You call your best friend
(Best friends ‘til the end!)
To get reassurance
She says, “He’s not worth it
You’re already perfect!
He doesn’t get it
That rat, dog, PATHETIC!!
All that you’ve done!!
He’s no more than a bum
He wasn’t the one
Come over! Let’s talk
We’ll go for a walk
Some fresh meat we’ll stalk
Stop being a rock!
Come on! I’m your girl
Let’s conquer the world
Give freedom a whirl
Who needs that man, girl?”

You decide not tonight
It’s too soon. It’s not right
She gives up her fight
Days sneak away
You’re sick of the pain
And tired of rain
There’s nothing to gain
From pity and shame

You leave your lair
To breathe the fresh air
That wafts through your hair
You’re off to nowhere
And everywhere
In a better mood

On your way back you pass
Your best friend’s house last
You can’t just walk past
Well, no need for the details
Those are a waste
But that best friend can tell you
How bums really taste

[See? I love it when my sister gets all bitter and creative.]

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