While we looked at the story of David and Bathsheba from Bathsheba’s perspective, the other thing I’m reminded of is Nathan and David. When Nathan confronted David on his sin with Bathsheba, what we don’t read about is how bad Nathan felt. He was David’s prophet, the man who opened up and taught the truth of the Scriptures for him – the voice of truth in David’s life. Here’s what we do read about: how a sin just between two people had a wide range of consequences. It impacted their friendships. Their familial relationships. The nation as a whole.

We read of David realizing his sin and whom he truly sinned against. (We know this because we can still read Psalm 51 where he blogged about it).

What we don’t read is David holding his court responsible for allowing him to fall into sin. What we don’t read is David getting on Nathan for being judgmental and self-righteous. Or telling Nathan how he should feel. Or not to be mad at Nathan because he could have fallen into the same thing. Or accusing Nathan of poor leadership or not keeping David from falling into this sin in the first place. Or David casting blame on anyone but himself.

Back to what we saw, Nathan got out of David’s way to let him wrestle with what he’d done. David backed off, retreating to be by himself to work through those things. David taking the time to confess before the Lord. David taking the time to try and heal relationships, knowing that these things weren’t going to be healed overnight and that people would be both disappointed, hurt, and mad at him for a while. That is all part of the process. The key word being process. The process can’t be rushed. Steps can’t be skipped. Time is needed for folks to process and heal. Time and space.

David was responsible for his sin. Nathan was fully aware that we are all broken vessels and that he is fully capable of falling into sin. He was probably aware of the color of the sky, too, but none of that was germaine to what David was going through. It was part of a greater, later discussion.

It’s probably a good thing David didn’t have Internet access.

I’m just saying.

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