Can someone have so little talent that they actually have “negative talent”? Well, I consider myself too new to the world of writing to make that assessment (a b.s., cop-out answer since it’s not like I’m new to reading. I just don’t want this “writer” to start pissing in my blog.).

A controversial (more for his behavior within the writing community rather than his writing) writer posts this story. You be the judge.

I bring this up, not to unnecessarily pile on to this writer, but because of the response given by master craftsman, Ray Garton. To wit:

“I’ve read some bad fiction in my time, but NONE of it comes CLOSE to Nick Pacione’s “Leviathan Ghosts.” It’s absolutely unreadable. It’s so bad that reading it actually caused me physical pain. A sharp, piercing pain, like a hot poker being stabbed into my eye, resulted from just reading the first few paragraphs. There’s a lot of bad fiction out there, but none worse than Pacione’s. Only one thing is made abundantly clear in “Leviathan Ghosts,” and that’s the fact that Pacione has absolutely no talent as a writer whatsoever. Not only is this bad writing, it’s completely incompetent, and I’m stunned that anyone would actually put his name on it. But now I know how bad he is, so I can avoid him completely in the future — at least something good has come from my exposure to this toxic collection of sentences (I can’t bring myself to call it a story).”