Because I’m not above occasionally using this blog to pimp things, my sister Ro has launched her web site, Ro’s Many Hats. From the site:

I’m a stay-at-home mother of three who loves to try new things and share what I learn with those around me. If I can help, I’ll certainly try to.
From braiding hair to making candy, I consider myself a “Jane-of-All-Trades.” There’s so much that I already enjoy doing and I look forward to learning and trying many more. Among those are:

· Hair braiding, natural do’s, extensions and traditional styles
· Makeup application and eyebrow arching
· Scrapbooking
· Making custom chocolates and truffles
· Typing and computer services
· Violin and other stringed instrument lessons
· Event planning
· Child care
· Tutoring
· Beginning Spanish lessons

And because I’m in complete suck up mode, I’ve been instructed to encourage you to vote for her newest, Orion, as a Beautiful Baby.

Go check them out.