Today is my dad’s birthday.  As such I was thinking of fathers and sons and the legacy of being a Broaddus.  So I thought I’d share this story (which I could’ve sworn that I put this online, but apparently I actually told this story but didn’t tweet it out).  This provides a snapshot in a “day in the life” of the Broaddus household.  Anyway, a couple years ago, I was having a Bill Cosby/One to Grow On type moment and called my sons together.  We were having issues with dishonesty (I know, I was as shocked as anyone that little boys, especially sons of min, were have truth telling issues), so I thought I would apply my sage wisdom to the situation.  I called for a Broaddus Family Truth Circle ™ in my attempt to emphasize the need for truthfulness in relationship.  For the purposes of this conversation, I’ll refer to my oldest son as R and my youngest as MX:

Me: Anything you confess right now you are under amnesty.

MX: What does that mean?

Me: That means you won’t get in any trouble for it.  Nothing you confess here will get you into trouble.

MX:  Really? Okay, I stole R’s toy when he wasn’t looking.

Me:  See? Now you know where that toy went.

R: Can I hit him?

Me: No.  No one gets trouble for anything they say in the circle.

R: You’re telling me that I can tell you anything that I’ve done and I won’t get in trouble for it?

[I probably should have waved off this experiment at this point]

Me: Absolutely not.  The truth is what matters.

R: Okay then:  when I get mad at you, I go into your room and spit on your pillow.




Do you know that feeling when your brain seizes up somewhere between wanting to impart a life lesson while resisting the urge to choke the life out of your firstborn?  Yeah, that moment.

Thus our first and last “absolute amnesty” version of the Broaddus Family Truth Circle ™.

Happy Birthday, Dad!